Prepare yourself for this epic and powerfull battle against... A BOP CAT!

A little game made quickly on an impulse for the joke.


Move with A / D or the left and right arrows.

Hold Space or Right Click to dodge.

Aim with your mouse and shoot with Left Click.


Heelio: Game Designer, Lead Developer & Tech Artist

Simon Delavenne: Game Designer & Developer

At0mium: Game Designer & Artist

Louise Geffroy (Kyakune): Cat Artist

Hugo Delavenne: Composer (fart with his hands)

All the assets are homemade except the music by redswallowmusic.


Attack On Bop 27 MB


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my ffingr hurtd si press to hard

sobopayo sobopayo

played this game because i am died hard fan of attack on titan and blop cat

It was bopping! I love me a wee bit of bullet dodging and memery.