Use your spirits to cast big spells and fight against the unstable natural disasters !

Credits :

  • Simon Delavenne (Dedjo0) : Game Designer & Developer
  • Louise Geffroy (Kyakune) : UI Artist & Chara Design
  • Floya : Enviro Artist & Chara Design
  • A big thanks to Insaneintherain for his permission to use his original compositions in our game !

Song list :


Download 69 MB


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This game was super cool. I like how the combat is like a mix with Tetris and candy crush. I also like the replayability and having different approaches to winning. And also btw the music was a banger. The style of the game was really cool too and I like how after every win one or two of the buildings cannot be accessed so it gives a sense of randomness in the game. I loved it and I'm gonna say it again the music was bopping. Jazzy/10 :D


Yo Who's that pokemon.